UTS Speaks, Lecture Series

UTSpeaks: China's New Rich
Understanding the forces shaping modern and future China

September 26th 2007

Recent economic reform in the People's Republic of China has seen the emergence of new categories of wealth and power widely referred to as the 'new rich' and sometimes as the 'new middle class'. This public lecture explores the hierarchies of wealth, status and power of China's emergent new rich, their place within the current class structure and perhaps most significantly, how they may figure in China's and Australia's long-term futures.

UTSpeaks: China’s Company Cultures
Sage insights on doing business with the biggest nation on earth

June 19th 2007

What must Australian enterprises know to forge rewarding partnerships with Chinese companies? How can they achieve flexibility and adaptability to work with a growing number of Chinese companies actively seeking interests in the west? This free public lecture maps the complexity of Chinese corporate life where individual companies often have cultural and political landscapes as complex and unique as that of modern China itself.

Introduced by
Professor David Goodman, UTS Deputy Vice-Chancellor International

UTSpeaks: Opening up design
Towards innovation through participation

September 22nd 2008

We live in many environments created for us by designers, architects and urban planners. But the combined forces of cultural change, the advent of digital technologies, public interactivity and globalisation are now shifting the way these creative professions operate.

Design is opening up.

In this public lecture the speakers present an exciting picture of the future of architecture and design - a future in which all of us will play an increasing role in shaping our world.

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