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Client Spaces

On the left is Miranda Kerrs office and has a streamlined design for the cosmopolitan model. The building is designed to blend in with the environment yet exude a sense of style and modern sensibilty.
On the right is the office for Hellen Keller by which its design aesthetic compliments Miranda Kerr's office. Oriented across the river, it is connected via a bridge elevated from the rest of the Chicago bridges. The material choice and square motif of the curved bridge takes inspiration from the existing bridges and its curved shape follows the shape of the river.
Both buildings have a presense yet do not overpower the existing landscape. Streamlined curves of the buildings have an organic quality to them, taking inspiration of the woman. Its design has a metropolitan, commercial aspect to them, fitting to the existing city. The lifts are internal, operating from both ground and bridge level. The dining table travels all across the cables, allowing for a city view whilst they dine and talk business.
The concept for the office spaces connected by the bridge has cables running along them, mirroring the vast network of cables running along the city, connecting both sides like threads or power lines. It suggests communication, co-orporatisation. The site heavily focuses on the space in between lined with buildings, therefore the idea was to be focused on this connection whilst the aim was to have the offices as part of the environment and blending in as much as possible but still having a presence.

Dining Table

Designed to hang off the cables. Geometry reflects the architecture of the city.

Client lifts: internal (left Hellen Keller, right Miranda Kerr)

Draft 2

Google Warehouse Draft

Hellen Keller Client Office Space
Toned down colours to contrast with the dusty city landscape in her home town chicago. Top space with wide windows for breeze connected by cabelling and elevator to the bottom space. With client handrails to assist walking. Large spaces.

Miranda Kerr Client Office Space
Shieke office space for the cosmopolitan model. Textures and materials reflect contemporary style, shapes contrast with the fluid cables which intersect it in its crysis environment. Elevator connects above (runway) and below (reception) space

Dining Table

Designed to hang off the cables. Geometry reflects the architecture of the city.

18 Power Perspectives

Sketches for Bridge Design



image from; http://www.arsgeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/spider.jpg

The idea of spider webs connecting the city together.







Flesh and Blood: Angela Merkel kills Miranda Kerr over prestigious title, Helen Keller laments.

Of all the world power struggle there is perhaps none that has seen the level of bloodshed than between Miranda Kerr and Angela Merkel. Though conflicts in cat-fights reach back into antiquity, the development of modern media weapons, hair-pulling machinery, and multiple complexes crashing together has meant almost endless levels of violence and death throughout the continent. From Angela Merkel and her cleavage running rampant across the continent to the horrors of Miranda’s famous pout and backside, the world has been built on the back of female flesh showdowns.
As the instigators of the two most brutal conflicts in human history, history is defined by blood like no other struggle to be at the top of the Forbes list of most flesh exposed woman in the world, something many fear may never truly end.
Merkel’s success in that position, leading the country into one of the most responsive to sex in the media has once again landed. With a four reign on the list many across the continent are once again beginning to fear the rising power of Angela Merkel as an eminently powerful leader.
Miranda's got that very sweet side we've seen in Australia but, when you put her and Angela together, they bring out that murderous side in her. Vogue Australia editor-in-chief Kirstie Clements said the French shots perhaps indicated Kerr wanted to be taken seriously as a contender to the title given Merkel’s recent poll increase.
In the most revealing shot, a bleached-haired Kerr, 27, is almost unrecognisable as she holds a lit cigarette and bares her chest in a public bathroom. "It's a very bad influence on young girls who follow her lead. Miranda does it to attract attention. Sex sells, but it's ridiculous and she could decline what the client is asking for." Since Rolling Stone, the model has posed in increasingly provocative shoots, including wearing just a trilby hat for the 2010 Pirelli calendar.
Regarding the death of Miranda; the lessons of the Great Fight are key to humanity’s future. I see the furrow Angela left sown with the unshatterable seed of a new life for mankind, and cast deep below the rolling tides of storm and lightning, mighty crops for the ages to reap. Strike against all ordinances and laws and institutions that continue the slaughter the empowerment of women and the butcheries of female objectification. Strike against war, for without you no battles can be fought. Strike against depreciating yourself by parading your bodies and all other tools of murder to self worth. Strike against preparedness that means death and misery to millions of human being. Be not dumb, obedient slaves in an army of destruction. Be heroes in an army of construction.

But the most important aspect of Miranda’s power was the kind of idolatry that surrounded her. That has proven true over and over again in retail and modelling dictatorships and likely will continue into the future. That kind of worship drowns out the reality of average female bodies and helps to usher in unadulterated power,” said Scrape TV Historical analyst Lars Luger. “It is very unlikely that we will see Merkel on the cover of Rolling Stone anytime soon but if we do then Europe and the world would be right in fearing impending doom. Even this seemingly small honour could extend into dangerous territory and potentially bring further destruction to the continent that has seen so much flesh already.”


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