Miyuki Ohashi

Images from http://coolechicstylefashion.blogspot.com/2009/02/miyuki-ohashi.html

Style very similar to Joe Eula but not as nice. Sorry, just my opinion. Although its got a sort of arty confidence about its style, very original.

Amelie Hegardt

Images from http://coolechicstylefashion.blogspot.com/2009/06/amelie-hegardt-fashion-illustrations.html

Quite interesting watercolours, I still like Stina Persson a bit better though, the use of medium is very expressive although the drawings could be better.

Rene Gruau

Classic fashion illustrator. Love his style, very free. You don't find much of his style nowadays.

Images from http://trendland.net/2009/05/11/rene-gruau-fashion-illustrations/

Sabine Pieper

From http://trendland.net/2009/06/23/sabine-pieper-fashion-illustrations/

Very matured illustration style. Very very nice and attention to detail as well as a graphic element forming well thought out illustrations. Superb!

Patrick Nagel

Images from http://trendland.net/2009/07/20/patrick-nagel-80s-fashion-illustrations/

Amazing! And to think these were done in the 80s with paper and card but they look so BOLD as if photoshop-ed images.

Myltan fashion illustrators


Her drawing style is very very nice. I like her!

kathryn elyse


Oh yay, found another interesting fashion illustrator. She studied industrial design before teaching herself fashion and is now designer for reebok. Cool huh? Just goes to show people in design can cross-over.


Product Process and experiments and samples

Above: This is an experiment which I had wanted to attach underneath the tulle since the fabric blends in nicely with the lace colour. Its aim was to create these flower buds which gave it a more 'nature feel' but it ended up being too bulky and didn't blend in as nicely. Otherwise I would have been nice to have the wooden beads underneath the tulle too...

Some of the sample combined into a practise geometry.

Initially I wanted to have holes put into the hem of the garment as remnants of the cirlces placed into the tulle but I didn't know how to resolve the look, it was too messy so I decided to cut it off in order to neaten it up. The result turned out well as it forced me to think about an asymmetrical hemline. I was initially thinking of hand binding it or placing beads around it...

The string of beads work well with the beads in the bodice.

This was a happy accident as well. I was attempting to sew the two pieces together as the front of the dress when I accidently sewed the tulle on backwards! But when I flipped it over the look was so much more refined as it hid the edge of the fabrics and you could still see some of the beads showing through!

These beads were meant to reference the tiny specks of light at the left of the mood board, underneath the black smoke. The concept was again to have a lightness and the black string underneath is a design feature. The vertical clear beads were inspired by the center left picture of the strings hanging from the branches. It forms a link between the two pieces and creates a greater sense of fragility.

The finished product=the front of a dress. I'm happy with it because it has a lightness and delicate feel to it. It's meant to be inspired by Janet Laurence's artworks and the shibori looking manipulation is an abstract reference to floral.


Some supporting images

So adding to this was the idea of the leaf skeleton. I am particularly drawn to the shape and fragility of the leaves. I thought about making a sort of lace like surface manipulation.


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