Precious to Punk embroidery-The theme

For this project I will be working with the theme "luxuriant nature" inspired by my aesthetic of refined yet comtemporary embellishments. I am aiming to blend shear and solid fabrics with surface manipulations and playing with contrasts. I am inspired by the luxurious and intense use of beading and embroidery in the works of Christian Lacroix which I have selected images which reflect his bold extravagent use of embellishments. On the other hand, I am also inspired by the refined yet delicate use of fabric and embellishments used by elie saab. I chose also to research Jean-Paul Gaultier because of his strong and unconventional use of beading and found objects as embellishments.

When deciding on my concept I took the idea of "luxuriant nature" beginning with the idea of flowers which led on the idea of soft floating nature of black ink, sinking within water as representative of the wonderful science of ink experiments subdued to the laws of nature. Here are some preliminary images for the concept board:

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