Development of Concept

I found that my previous theme was rather limiting, if I were to only use black ink as it give this elusive transcient nature of the black ink, however i found it difficult to interpret that into any distinct embellishment idea. So I decided to research further into how I can use this idea of ink movements into a concept which can be more easier to work with. I chose Janet Laurences artworks as indicative of representing 'luxuriant nature' as it depicts and manipulates aspects of nature and combines them with the fluid movement of ink on perspect. I responded positively to this concept as it has this transcient quality as well as having interesting textures and graphic details which can be more easily interpreted into an embellishment. Below are some images to use for my concept board:

This is a really good image for surface manipulation, I was thinking of translating this into an ink-dye technique which could relate to the shibori technique we were taught. I quite like the idea of turning the conventional use of luxuriant beading using crystals and white beads on fabric which is marred or raw to emphasise this contrast.

The leaf in the far right is particularly interested as it has this delicate nature so I could use white tulle or silk georgette and run some stitches along it which creates some contrast and interest.

I quite like the colour and the raw nature but not sure how I'm going to interpret that as yet.

Janet Laurence uses image from architecture which provides structure and graphic interest to her artworks. I quite like the rigid lines and sense of proportion alluded in this artwork, the colour palette is not quite what i was looking for as i'm interested in an all white look.

However this picture has really nice contrast and the use of circles illuminating the space is really interesting. Once again I like this idea of transcience of the light and the mood that it sets.

This image has more of a reference to nature, and I like the mix of the green and the jelly fish looking blog at the top. This is quite abstract and could be interesting to interpret.

Architectural images once again but it focuses on the layering aspect of the ink and the solid lines. I really like the contrast so I might layer my fabrics.

This could be interesting in how I dye my fabric, I may tie it into geometric knot. I will need to experiment, not sure how this will turn out.

I really like the vertical lines in this picture which is strong but not dominating. The colours are a little but subdued and dark so not sure if I wanted to go with that. But the red if certainly interesting.

This image gives me the idea of having lettering in my embellishment.

The string are really beautiful as well as the branches, I may want to really focus on this aspect.

The geometric and repetitive black lines are interesting. But not too appealing at this stage.

Use of the poles, again I may incorporate this somehow. But what appealed to me in this picture was the mist, which really give it an atmosphere which I might interpret as white tulle giving it volume

The plants in the picture might be nice as applique. And maybe I could print the fabric and offset it as she has done in this artwork.

The speckled red is really nice in this artwork. The colours work well too like a layering of images. I'd probably interpret that as matt red beading or pom poms.

I love this picture, its got to be my favourite. The branches are really dominating and gives it a character. This looks very raw and nature-like so I might print the picture or dye the fabric.

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