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photo from TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 2010 post.

Craig Ruddy


New discovery. Did you know he was an Archibald Prize winner? I really like his aesthetic and would love to be able to draw like him

Fashion Design: Past to Present 2010


Final Mood Board

A2 Presentation Board

250 word statement

UTS Tie and Scarf

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UTS is a place of diversity and renowned for its architecture, creativity and push for sustainability.

Digital textile prints for both the tie and the scarf has drawn inspiration from photos taken around

the university (building 10 and building 6) in which the tie pattern developed out of the strong, bold

and brutal textures of the concrete ceiling in building 6 whilst the textures for the scarf developed

out of the light, crisp and flowing glass facades of building 10. Each chosen materiality corresponded

to the feeling of masculinity versus femininity.

The tie design and colourways exhibit a corporate yet striking pattern with a focus on difference,

innovation and originality. The stripe pattern runs from left to right, offset by the slight, leaner lines

in the background and opposing foreground running at slightly different angles giving the overall

feeling of intrigue to this interpretation of the traditional stripe tie.

The scarf design is composed of various layers of opaque colours. Elements of the tie pattern has

been infused back into the scarf in a subtle and impressionistic way. Hand-drawn illustration of the

face is overlaid to create interest and originality as well as to allude to UTS design and especially

the fashion design course from which the textiles component is part of. The various square shapes

a reminiscent of computer chips (technology and innovation) as well as forming a design feature

and border.


Mood Board

The original mood board. Need to have more pictures and to experiment with line, dominance and size a bit more. Graphically it needs more but I like how the text is ordered on the right hand side which creates a clear and easy to read board. The colours are nice, although try to experiment more with colours that I will be using for the tie and scarf range.

Tie Colours

Here is the original pattern as Chris Stone had suggested after looking through my designs. This pattern was done as a 'whatever' pattern which was surprising that Chris had picked it out as a design to develop. I re-cut the shape of the tie experimented with layering and colours. Some of the lighter coloured ones look quite nice but not sure how it would be received.


Final Versions- Scarf

two versions of final design. One has the face slightly lighter and fading into the background, so to make a subtle textile design. The other has the face more prominent as it is the key feature of the design.


These experiments were a continuation from the previous lot. Chris had said that my blue wave design was a little bit unoriginal (even though it was aesthetic) so I decided to overlay it first with the tie pattern so to bring it back in, then with a picture of a face I did for the drape exhibition poster. The double face came about because only drew one side so I flipped it. I kept it in a light colour scheme in keeping with the target market. I'm not too sure if they wore something so conspicuous although I think they would appreciate a distinct face to set it apart from other scarves.

I think the scarf still looks a bit gimmicky, the overlay is too dominant and unresolved. Perhaps it needs to blend in more with the backgroun using the smudge tool or the opacity.

This the base which I had based the initial designs on. I really like it, I think it looks professional but maybe its already on the market already. The wave looks quite blended in with nice hues which I think is suitable for the target market. It has a lustrous quality (like a pearl).

In order to set the design apart, I overlayed the male tie design and experimented with the different opacities and image modes to get this effect. I quite like how the stripe are breaking up the background. Its also quite contemporary and would look nice in different colourways.


Further experimentation with tie background.

I had taken the stripe background and overlaid it with another image I had created. The result is quite busy with a very prominent diagonal symmetry and horizontal/vertical pattern. Perhaps its not the best combination as it doesn't work so far. I'd probably need to work it a bit more to achieve more coherence in the design. Maybe add another layer of patterns so that the 'flower' is wedged in the middle, then erasing part of the layers? I maybe cutting shapes out of it?

I quite like the way this has turned out. This was done directly from the photograph and I repeated it in triangles, which gave this effect. This is very psychedelic which is probably not what corporate people would wear as it is quite loud. The line direction and dominance is in good balance, I just think its a little too 'chopped up'. Again I think I'd need to work on this more, getting different combinations and perhaps using the feathering tool to remove some of the harsh lines.

This was an attempt at creating a tie. Obviously taken straight from the photograph it didn't work so well. The lines are quite dominating would probably need to pair it down with the opacity and maybe liquify it to see what happens. The colour is also quite harsh. I will try and manipulate it more so that it looks more like a textiles design.


Initial Designs

More experimentation with the triangle repeats. I think this is becoming more successful because the line works really well together. The more I cut it up the less obvious it looks which I like. Although I still think my technique is too logical. Its very clear how I came about this design. So I will need to try a different approach.
As well as this, I believe that layering the image at different opacities has created a sense of depth and intrigue so different to my previous designs. I will continue this method of working and try to add a bit more colour into it. At the moment it also looks a but normal so will need a focal point as well as make it wearable as a lady's scarf.


These repeats are quite nice. Probably not for a tie at this stage but at least it looks like a repeat pattern I can see on a piece of fabric. I'm quite happy about how the colours have accidently come about because the photo had some really nice grey and blue tones. My photo was quite architectural so the result is very linear, and strong line work. The proportions are also working well with a balance of heavy and light. The lines have sometimes turned into fine lines which look like spider webs and is quite delicate yet professional looking.


Some initial experimentation by using the techniques that Chris showed us. I think the designs are a little bit predictable at this stage so far. I simply created a stripe pattern and overlaid it with another one running at right angles with the opacity turned at 50% The line weights work well I think I will need to select another area of the photograph to experiment with. And also to add some colour to it, because it looks a little but plain as well.


So here are some pictures which I am hoping to work off. All of which relate to the architecture side which I personally feel is easier to work off the lines, tones, colours etc. I'm trying to get a feel of lightness, openness as in my previous post so we'll see how that goes in photoshop.


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