Further experimentation with tie background.

I had taken the stripe background and overlaid it with another image I had created. The result is quite busy with a very prominent diagonal symmetry and horizontal/vertical pattern. Perhaps its not the best combination as it doesn't work so far. I'd probably need to work it a bit more to achieve more coherence in the design. Maybe add another layer of patterns so that the 'flower' is wedged in the middle, then erasing part of the layers? I maybe cutting shapes out of it?

I quite like the way this has turned out. This was done directly from the photograph and I repeated it in triangles, which gave this effect. This is very psychedelic which is probably not what corporate people would wear as it is quite loud. The line direction and dominance is in good balance, I just think its a little too 'chopped up'. Again I think I'd need to work on this more, getting different combinations and perhaps using the feathering tool to remove some of the harsh lines.

This was an attempt at creating a tie. Obviously taken straight from the photograph it didn't work so well. The lines are quite dominating would probably need to pair it down with the opacity and maybe liquify it to see what happens. The colour is also quite harsh. I will try and manipulate it more so that it looks more like a textiles design.

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