These experiments were a continuation from the previous lot. Chris had said that my blue wave design was a little bit unoriginal (even though it was aesthetic) so I decided to overlay it first with the tie pattern so to bring it back in, then with a picture of a face I did for the drape exhibition poster. The double face came about because only drew one side so I flipped it. I kept it in a light colour scheme in keeping with the target market. I'm not too sure if they wore something so conspicuous although I think they would appreciate a distinct face to set it apart from other scarves.

I think the scarf still looks a bit gimmicky, the overlay is too dominant and unresolved. Perhaps it needs to blend in more with the backgroun using the smudge tool or the opacity.

This the base which I had based the initial designs on. I really like it, I think it looks professional but maybe its already on the market already. The wave looks quite blended in with nice hues which I think is suitable for the target market. It has a lustrous quality (like a pearl).

In order to set the design apart, I overlayed the male tie design and experimented with the different opacities and image modes to get this effect. I quite like how the stripe are breaking up the background. Its also quite contemporary and would look nice in different colourways.

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