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So here I was thinking, how do I start on this project?? The Scarf is for the female. Corportate yet feminine, made of a lightweight fabric. The tie is for the male, strong, corportate and masculine. I googled UTS and what I immediately drew to were the new building designs and construction that was going on predominantly this year. I found this concept endearing and sentimental. A lot of the new architecture was based on the idea of transparency, openness, sustainability, freshness, playfulness, organic, and most of all, the contrast between the existing buildings and new technology. Therefore, the tie and scarf must be contemporary, contrasting fresh and organic. As well as in keeping with maintaining a strong identity for UTS.
Below are some images taken from the website: http://www.bustler.net/index.php/article/lacoste_stevenson_to_design_uts_podium_in_sydney/ which details the design concepts behind their UTS Podium.
"In contrast to the Brutalist architecture of the Tower, the new podium intervenes as an undulating semi-transparent building wrapping the podium of Buildings 1 and 2. It appears soft and almost pliable like a curtain; its smooth surface blowing inward dramatically to mark the entrance. The entrance draws in the life of the city."

"The Podium will be a part of this collection of modern architecture; however it will stand out with its curving, flowing fa├žade; by day a crystalline white volume..."
So I have a few design ideas stemming from this description:
  1. Women's scarf: soft and almost pliable. Surface print perhaps looking at the technique of a wet scarf.
  2. Wrapping: consider what your scarf will look like in its corportate way of tieing it.
  3. Drammatically mark the entrance. Attract attention yet in a demure and subtle way.

  1. Men's tie: Brutalist architecture: strong, bold, traditional, sombre colours.
  2. Curving flowing facade: Tie print focuses on strong stripes with a twist of curves to mimic the design aesthetic of much of its new architecture. Reminiscent of technology. CURVES are a contemporary aesthetic popularised by the likes of Zaha Hadid.
  3. New architecture v.s old architecture: UTS's eclectic styles represent its diversity and history. Perhaps look into the fashion of the past age and find a way to reference this. UTS aims to REINVENT its skyline landmark.
  4. materiality: referenced through texture. Perhaps a twill weave printed on tie but with a twist references its use of digital technology.

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