Client Spaces

On the left is Miranda Kerrs office and has a streamlined design for the cosmopolitan model. The building is designed to blend in with the environment yet exude a sense of style and modern sensibilty.
On the right is the office for Hellen Keller by which its design aesthetic compliments Miranda Kerr's office. Oriented across the river, it is connected via a bridge elevated from the rest of the Chicago bridges. The material choice and square motif of the curved bridge takes inspiration from the existing bridges and its curved shape follows the shape of the river.
Both buildings have a presense yet do not overpower the existing landscape. Streamlined curves of the buildings have an organic quality to them, taking inspiration of the woman. Its design has a metropolitan, commercial aspect to them, fitting to the existing city. The lifts are internal, operating from both ground and bridge level. The dining table travels all across the cables, allowing for a city view whilst they dine and talk business.
The concept for the office spaces connected by the bridge has cables running along them, mirroring the vast network of cables running along the city, connecting both sides like threads or power lines. It suggests communication, co-orporatisation. The site heavily focuses on the space in between lined with buildings, therefore the idea was to be focused on this connection whilst the aim was to have the offices as part of the environment and blending in as much as possible but still having a presence.

Dining Table

Designed to hang off the cables. Geometry reflects the architecture of the city.

Client lifts: internal (left Hellen Keller, right Miranda Kerr)

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