Armando on Couture Techniques Week 2 Autumn 2010

Dear Students,
Following yesterdays lecture, i have attached some links for some video's which i thought were interesting for you! they are'nt long so please view them! They are all worth looking at! you may have to copy and paste them into another window to view them!

short clip on channel's couture process, with shots of how the make the toiles and embroideries

a short clip on daphne guiness, how she styles herself and her aproach to fashion

the short film which daphne guiness produced for her perfume in collaboration with comme des garcons- shows she is working with different artists and the fashion/art aproach she has

a short clip on daphne guiness, showing some of her couture collection, why she is so absorbed within the world and her family connections to couture

I spoke with IT and hopefully we will be able to watch films etc during our lecture in the future!

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