Illustrator: artaksiniya

All images from artaksiniya's portfolio http://artaksiniya.com/Illustrations/index3.html

I saw this illustrator through Decoy Magazine. I've included a few of my favourites (and there are a lot because the work is so polished and dynamic). The signature feature would be the tiny vertical hatching lines which make up the shadowing of the figure as well as the strong composition in the works. Some of them have strong references, in my opinion, to the fashion illustrations of the 1920s and 30s and it really shows how referencing illustrations of the past can still work in a contemporary way. Another key technique is the patterns placed side by side, for the garments and background as well as line and direction to create interest.

this one's my favourite. I've never seen a contemporary artist reference historical fashion illustration in this way. 
I also like this one because of the dynamic composition and used of colour. 

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