Costing Analysis

Wayne by Wayne Cooper

The diffusion line by the designer is stocked exclusively at all 67 Myer store across Australia. See here.
I'm assuming that there are 10 per store (5 sizes: 8,10,12,14,16) therefore estimated production quantity is 670
The main fabric is a polyester, and it is made in China. As it is a larger production run, I estimate wholesale fabric costs at $2/m at 150cm wide, this dress/kaftan will need 2m. 2x2 =$4
About 1m is printed and is of quite good quality, so printing costs I estimate at $9 to print digitally, overseas.
Pattern cost $90/h for this simple garment and it will probably take about 1/2h to patternmake. 90x 0.5 =$45/ 670 =$0.07. Gradiing costs for 5 sizes will be $40/h. I'm assuming this is also done on the computer so could take about 1/2h. $20/670 =$0.3.
Marker costs $160/670 = $0.24
Cutting costs $300/ 670 = $0.45
Not a lot of bindings, most seam finishes are french seamed and edge finishes roll hemmed. This is by no means a complicated garment, therefore making costs I estimate at $3 as it will take less than an hour to make, especially as it is manufactured overseas in China where production costs are lower than in Australia.
This is quite a simple garment, so I'm guessing about $1 per garment in QC costs.
The swing tag is quite nice, in a heavier card. I estimate it at $2 per garment.
Wayne Cooper deals with larger production runs, with more stocklists I estimate business operating costs at 20% of cost price = 47 x .2 =9.4

Leona Edmiston

Assumptions made:
- She stocks in 5 sizes from 8 to 16 See here Therefore I am assuming there are 10 per store x 30 stores = 300 estimated production quantity.
-estimated fabric width 180cm. The dress is about 130cm x 50cm hem width but with gathers. Therefore I estimate 1.5m of  fabric is needed. 1.5 x 300 = 450m.At wholesale prices I estimate it to be $2.5/m so each garment will be $3.75 for fabric
-digital textile printing produced offshore, I estimate to be about $5 per m to print, therefore 5 x 1.5= $7.5
-there's not a lot of binding used, so I estimate fabric costs to be about $0.50
-as it is not a complicated garment, I estimate it will take about an hour to patternmake, at $90/h. Therefore, per garment is 90/300=$0.3
-there are 5 sizes to grade this garment @ $40h for an hour = 40/300 =$0.13
-marker costs $160 /300 = $0.53
-making cost. This product is made in China, due to the lower pay rates and the exchange rates/strong aussie dollar I estimate the garment will cost $5 in makers costs. Also the costs for transport will be slightly higher at $2 per garment as it needs to be delivered overseas.
-cutting cost for this garment will be about $200/300 = $0.66
-swing tag is digitally printed on light glossy card, so I estimate it to be $0.50
Much of the initial design and patternmaking costs as well as export duties are offset by its large production quantity.

Cooper St

Stocklists: all Myer stores nationally (67 stores) + 28 other boutiques = 95 stores
5 sizes x 2 = 10 x 95 = 950 production run (large production run and could qualify for those 1000 supply minimum fabric discounts)
Main fabric is a printed polyester, I estimate about 1.5m is needed. At $2/m = $3 per garment.
I estimate printing to be triple the cost of the fabric. $3 x 3 = $9
Patternmaking costs $90/h for this fairly uncomplicated garment, however it has gathering at the waist, a cut out at shoulders and facings on the hem and sleeve hem. I estimate it will take 1.5h to patternmake. $90 x 1.5 = $135. $135/ 95 = $1.42
Grading cost $40/ 95 = $0.42
This garment is made in Australia. I estimate it will cost about $10 to make, taking into consideration the complexity of the garment and the amount of bindings (neckline, armhole) plus the elastic at waist and facings. I am assuming making costs at 30% of cost price if made in Australia.
There are no export costs as all of his products are made and distributed within Australia.

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