DAY 1: Melbourne

It was SOO HOT!! Its like 35 degrees down here!
So I got to city center (i think) and got guided down to my cousin's house. The city is so neat and gridlike! The town planning it amazing! Just almost too well planned. Its super easy to go around the city in Melbourne, along with the transport in which you buy kinda like a weekly, except it is calculated in terms of how many times you use it instead and includes trains and trams.
Melbourne is a very flat area, the houses and business are very sparse, and there are hardly any high rise buildings in the city, which is the difference to sydney.
Tomorrow, i am going to try to walk around the vintage shops near to where my cousin lives, but its going to be BOILING HOT!The place where my cousin lives reminds me a bit like the outer suburbs of sydney but i think its still part of the city.

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