Lecture notes.

Crysis Wars:
Align snap and align object.
Series of screen shots at different times of day, fraps software.

entity-> lights-> diffuse multiplier--> cast shadow. if i highlight axis and press ctrl+c it creates another light. you can change the colour of the light using the menu on the left. well placed lights can create nice atmospheres and spaces. the way light interacts with surfaces.

For next tute: select one image from the slideshow and use it to reflect on a component of my design. write 150 words that clearly summarises this.

The black box: colours and temperatures, shadow conditions, the shadow as a refuge, disconnected shadow(vampire), as repetition and space between shadows. pentimento technique: drawing something and painting over it. transistence of the shadow in art history, camera obscura. Theoretical background on the work: analogy of the cave: Plato. Camera Obscura: defraction and diffusion . the invention of drawing: notion of shadow being connected to drawing-mythology.
the shadow as threshold. steven holl drawings "written..." her drawing was a hybrid of the different views. drawing on vallum.

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