The brand of tine is:
-a little bit independent
- a mix of street and high/couture fashion. (i.e general pants, and alexander wang)
-is artistic and intimate but with the reliability and presence of a large department store.
(i.e like obscure brand but very big brand.)

Branding can make or break a company and is a serious, long-term investment. It needs a strong identity. Building a brand is a core business activity, as important as leasing office space, recruiting the right people and developing your product or service.
-Must be credible
-target the values of your customer
-cohesive logo and letterheads, so people know its the same company, will clarify payment statements,
-professional: that we care about our image, invested in it, stability.
-the mission statement is only the first step in aligning itself with the customers
-"At first we associated with other people who could lend us credibility," Burns says. JGuru partnered with well-respected companies like Sun, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard in order to raise its profile and reputation. The next step was to employ credible software developers...."The highest collection of famous developers work for us,” says Burns. “And this lack of control over them -- developers hate control -- and their knowledge came across from the beginning."(http://www.allbusiness.com/marketing/branding-brand-development/1304-1.html)

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