Figures +Shortcuts

Resolution: 72 for screen. 150 digital print. 300 for offset printer.

Colour Settings: CMYK format is for print (Printers work that way) Can only be changed in photoshop.
RGB is for screen (web, screen works with red, green blue light)

Image file types: jpeg, gif, tif,  

Paper: Paper buying, make sure it says it can work on digital printers. Also, printers don't like anything heavier than 300gsm

Downloading fonts: to use, .TTF (text type font). .OTF(open type font). Convert to outline, to ensure different computers can read it. 

Bleed: 3-5mm
Needs at least 5mm for perfect binding. 

Toggle Preview shortcut 'w'
Place: Cmd+D
Toggle text and object control 'j'
Type 't'
Bold: Shift+Cmd+B
Italic: Shift+Cmd+I 
Normal: Shift+cmd+Y
Check spelling: Cmd+I
Paste in place: Opt+Shift+Cmd+V
Paste without formatting: Sift+Cmd+V
Zoom 'z'
Selection 'v' Text: esc
Free transform tool 'e'
Line tool \
Measure tool 'k'
Pen tool 'p'
Rectangle 'm' rectangle frame 'f'
Rotate 'r' Scale 's'
Insert white space Em: Shift+Cmd+M
Apply colour: ,
Eyedropper tool: I

Display performance: High quality Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+H
Fit Spread in Window Opt+Cmd+0
Hide Guides Cmd+
Show document grids Cmd+
Snap to guides Shift+Cmd+
Hide rulers Cmd+R
Toggle between current and previous views: Opt+Cmd+2
Group Cmd+G
Ungroup Shift+Cmd+G
Lock position Cmd+L
Unlock Opt+Cmd+L
400% size: Cmd+4
Last Spread: Opt+Shift+Page Down

Document Setup Opt+Cmd+P
Export Cmd+E
Place: Cmd+D


Indesign CS5 files can't be used in CS4. Must save as .IDML (In Design Markup Language)

Logos: Do a logo as an EPS version (different version of ilustrator file i.e anyone can open and edit it) and do a REVERSE version which works on a different coloured background, and an internet VERSION.

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