Final Crysis Snapshots

The building itself looks like a ramp, with its extensions, contrasting and connecting with the rugged textures of the landform.

The meeting space is directly opposite to the building and relates to the electroliquid aggregation because it is so close (in proximity) yet to far (to get there). It further highlights the contrast between expansiveness and intimacy, separated by the deep cravass in between.

The textures relate because of its repetition of circular shapes which is symbolically associated with infinity (it has no end). This motif is reflected again in the direction of the ramp/path. However, this ‘circle’ is interrupted by the building itself which then creates an opposition to the idea of finite space.

Aerial view of the landscape. The idea of time and space which are finite in extent relates to this expansive landform which seem boundless are you explore the terrain, but is in fact finite being an island. The organic bond is the ramp or trail leading from one lab to the next and when taken literally could refer to the umbilical cord.

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