Lecture notes

Introduction to Bridge Assignment.

Bridge will consist of two spaces for the clients office.
Third space on the valley floor for the clients to meet.
They get from the valley floor to the bridge via an elevator.

Miranda Kerr: Gunnedah, New South Wales.
Helen Heller: Tuscumbia, Alabama.
Angela Merkel: Hamburg, Germany.
What they would talk about and how you would reflect that. Design a table that supports this conversation on the valley.

Things to think about: Architectural Representation.
Occupying a bridged, construction. Macro, interiors of the space, the interior the movement through it to the detail in the furniture and the tables and chairs. certain shapes have inherent structural properties. All elements are critical in the spatial or structural design (e.g otherwise it would fall down. Typography, the height of the it, the snow that melts and the wind, how would the landscape interact? Elevation design in tune with the shape of the bridge? A correlation between the table and the bridge? How does the space look with the cast shadows? Does it light up artificially? How people move through the bridge (e.g speed) could effect the form of the bridge.

Definition of bridge: often you use it to get from one place to another. Vaulted bridge, suspension bridge, covered bridges. timber structures, keystone, box beam bridge (vertical elements weight bearing, horizontal element, dead load, live loads), how did they build it? The bridge is to be occupied not just a structure to get to the other side.

Urban environment valleys.

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