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poollondon zoo
all the following words describe the label identity, values, and ethos.

le corbusier's writing

Intelligent, social, sensitive, creative, architects


I can see the skyscraper: a slender, floating construction on its broad pediment, noble and delicate in its lines, whose white and gray sets itse;f apart from the blue sky. Strong and safe in its assembly, it matches a natural mountain for strength.

Ten thousand people daily flow in and out of it: little office girls, emerging from the tight courtyards of the north of the city, quick tick of heels, black leather handbags swinging, filling elevators, shooting upward like a swarm of swallows.

Men striding out, purpose in their eyes, enterprise in their loose limbs; machine rattle and clatter of conveyances; shouted order of command; the even beat of mechanical perplexity, working towards a common end.

And up above God is disturbed in his everlasting tranquility, compelled to take an interest in our tiny destinites.

Joseph Roth, 'Skyscrapers' (1922)"


"I had always imagined London Zoo as a rather dilapidated, forlorn place. Its image in my head was that of a sodden Withnail barkingHamlet at an oblivious cage full of leopards. So I thought this would be a fun place to spend my birthday. Which it was, but not quite in the sense I had imagined.


Naturally, the architecture of the place was part of the reason, as well as the eulogy to it as 'well worth a boggle' in Nairn's London. Also the preposterousness of placing all manner of tropical animals not only in London, but in the traffic blackened, smackhead ridden, portugese goth frequented pit that is Camden. Imagine my surprise then to find what one would suspect to be a rather furtive affair, was in fact enormously upfront with its conservationalist credentials, with swish new enclosures to mask the obvious fact that giraffes are not supposed to live in Camden. Many of the architectural flights of fancy were still impressive- the constructivist aviary (unusually shy birds, though, particularly compared with the surrounding pigeons) and the concrete camel ziggurats. A tent filled with butterflies was nicely surreal. But the fate of the penguin pool was somewhat unexpected. 


Presumably for reasons of alliteration it is now a Porcupine Pool, the water replaced by woodchip with a solitary porcupine slumped miserably under Tecton's swooping boards. Apparently the Penguins were not breeding. The Penguin Pool has always been a wonderful modernist archetype, the aquatic gleaming futurism spawning a hundred lidos- so to see it like this was peculiar to say the least. And what this implies of the libidinal economy of modernism is more than a little worrying..."


forward thinking, historical

The Art of Book Binding


graphics, visual, different

simple, informative, clean, bare, essential, austere

Norisada Maeda Atelier
Japanese architect Norisada Maeda Atelier. His ultra modern home

home> extension of the self, clothes for living, personal and intimate
Stephen Wiltshire
Stephen Wiltshire has an amazing story behind him. He was born mute and did not relate to other human beings for the first few years of his life. He was diagnosed as autistic at the age of 3 and lived entirely in his own world. At the age of 9 he uttered his first word and that word was paper. Having a near photographic memory has allowed him to draw some amazing cityscapes. His art has a whimsical line to it and contains a large amount of intricate pen work. 

Contemporary Art, supporting local sweet talent

-metamorphous, ephemeral, intangible, transparent


structure, order, composed, form and function. authentic and authoritative. 

maps/architectural plans/instructional diagrams: logical, fitting, visceral, directional

cool, creatives 

self-reflexive, socially aware, environmental, design-y

creative, surprising, low key, minimalist, quirky

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