Presentation ideas

perfect bind, needs 3-5mm.
Enmore, Amazing Paper store http://www.amazingpaper.com.au/ 
-contantina, stitching, saddle stitching, perfect bind (needs 3-5mm bind depth), japanese binding, canadian binding (covers wire binding), hand generated book binding (UTS books). Spray adhesive to glue papers together, jac paper (double sided contact), score fold fines (for <250gsm use a ruler, score inside edge with back of butter knife). 
UTS Digital Print: $30 Perfect bind with custom cover. Takes 2-3 days. Single sheets.

In Between by Sebastien Verdon.

Super Surfaces

Anja Emzén

Matt Koo

Michael Longton

Michael Longton


reflexive. quality of paper. attention to detail: tearaway. 

Introduces people. people. personal touch. Intimate. 

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