Print promotion material: Nudie Jeans Co.


Nudie Jeans Co. has really good print promotional material that infuses a sense of personality and heritage into their jeans. I chose to study their example because it is a relative newcomer to the market as opposed to levi's which has already become a sign brand.
Some notes:
-personalisation of their jeans, use of colloquial language and terms of endearment to describe the jeans as 'belonging'. Almost like a part of you. Befriending the jeans. Hangtags, booklets describing your product. 'The smell of a new pair of dry selvage jeans', 'mourn your worn out jeans'.
-displaying jeans, as a coveted item, an object worth admiration in a gallery or like a museum catalogue. As living art, shown and worn. Descriptions of details and seams to elevate their product to craftsmanship or each pair to be designed with love and care/. 'passionate about denim', 'dry' is highly sensual adjective, also used to describe alcohol. Taps into whats 'cool'. 'second skin' 'collectors edition', 'dedicated designers'. names countries, worldwide and international. 'fabric from Japan' uses places to signify exclusivity or exoticism. Or cosmopolitan. 'trims made exclusively for the range' 'skilled washers'
-product diagrams, sartorial jargon for the knowledgeable consumer, taps into the contemporary market of  fashion aware customers and greater expectations for their products. The clothes are like a loyal friend. Close connection/forms bond with product. 'harvest cotton', 'indigo rope dyeing', 'shuttle loom'
-suitable graphic design. dds-simplicity. trendy graphics, references to literature. intelligent and current.
-locating the brand within society. i.e culturally aware. it is social, joins amnesty international to promote human rights. 
-information on how they are made: transparency but also closer relationships. Sense of heritage and longevitity. Conveys the brand as a good investment. 
-Strong philosophy=strong identity=greater bond. 
-handwritten fonts is like personalisation. Which aims to break the sense of anonymity or machine production characterised by modernity.
-'the lab' appeals to guys and girls. Like the jeans are rooted in science, it is experimental, expressive yet,somehow correct and reliable, the product of knowledgeable people =trustworthy. 'selvage lab-vintage washes'
- similar jeans in a large range of colours. Again, consumers get a range of choices, percieved as value to get EXACTLY what suits them. But also feel specialised. Also for practical reasons, a quicker release of new items to keep it fresh, same design in different colours eliminates the need to come up with, test and produce new garments. Takes a pair of jeans they know have the right cuts and milks it for all its got. 
-pages designed like a dictionary or index, illusion of order, variety and that it has everything you need. 

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