TASK 1 I Digital

Visual Branding

 create a corporate identity that reflects your own
unique personal brand and apply it to a selection of promotional material
relevant to your brand.

1.  Create a written and visual positioning statement (1000 words, unlimited
images), that analyses and explores your personal brand. Incorporate responses
to the questions below as well as including visual research to support your ideas.

2.  What kinds of design are you interested in pursuing and why? ie. styling,
photography, swimwear, menswear etc.
What are you design principles? Create at least 5 values that are inherent to
your design practice, similar to a manifesto. These can be in list format and
should be no more than 1 sentence long each.
What kind of clients/customers do you wish to appeal to?
What are your strengths and weaknesses as a designer?
What appeals to you visually as a designer? Use visual imagery to express this
ie. create a mood board of sorts that conveys your individual style.
Envision what kind of space you would ideally like to work within? ie. a large
business with hundreds of staff, a small boutique studio etc.
Who are your competitors and how can you stand out amongst them? What is
your selling point that makes you different from everybody else?

3.  Use the research from your personal design statement as a basis to create
3 comprehensive concepts for a corporate identity that visually represents
the inherent values of your personal brand. Consider how various elements
such as font selection, choice of colour and graphic style combine together
to form a logotype that is visually engaging and effective when applied in
a variety of different ways. You may use your own name/initials or create a
fictitious name with which to trade under which will be used throughout the
duration of this subject. Identities shall be completed in Illustrator or
Photoshop. Include a 200 word synopsis that describes the reasons behind
why you presented the concepts that you have.

4.  Combine the content generated from the Positioning Statement and
Corporate Identity into a professionally presented document. This does
not need to be A4 and should be presented in any format that best suits the
style of your brand. Be creative in your approach to the design of this
material and think about brand consistency and visibility.

5.  Create a multi page digital PDF of your submission.

- colour proofing copy
- press ready pdf file (separate file for each item)
- 200 word synopsis
- Submit printed work in a folder
- Submit files on CD and to the Dropbox
- All print copies, CDs and files must be clearly identified with your
name eg. 2011_lastnameinitial_task1.pdf
- Do not burn your CD until the final checking, completed in class,
has been completed and any errors remedied

Printed and digital submissions of your Positioning Statement and
Corporate Identity document
Please write your name on the back of all A4 print outs and submit
all of your printed files in one A4 plastic sleeve with a cover sheet.
Please submit the digital component of your assignment to the
Digital Dropbox by the specified submission due date and time.
Promotional Merchandise: Format unspecified

Notes taken from UTS subject pdf.  83568_brief_task01.pdf

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