Positioning Statement

This picture perfectly captures what the label is about. So inspiring. 

TINE  is an edgy, contemporary womenswear ready-to-wear brand by Christine Pan. Targeted towards 24 year old women, it's aim is to create different yet coveted casual and businesswear garments whilst remaining commercially viable within Australia and hopefully internationally within 10 years time.

TINE the label is created to serve as a stand-alone brand 'to test the waters' with the intention to grow and become a multi-brand under the name of Christine Pan by which TINE will slowly become a diffusion label offering a similar aesthetic but to cheaper price points. Similar to Wayne by Wayne Cooper, the brand will be TINE by Christine Pan.

Adding value to the product: innovate and diversify. Unique products in fabric, colour and cut at a premium price. does not follow market trends but is mindful of its direction. Responds to contemporary fashion and in touch with the lives of its target market. Main aim is to revitilise sales. Initially uses available fabrics sourced within Australia, China and embellishments from India but differentiates through colour and cut. Plans to develop own unique fabric prints and finishes in the next 5 years to keep up with current technologies in textile product. Forward thinking.
Quality and eco-aware product: style, durability, comfort. colour-fast and eco-friendly dyes. Minimal waste-cutting. emphasis on exclusivity, sells small runs at higher price points. Targeted towards wealthy clients. Finishes must be durable during the fabric finishing process; stable in the presence of other chemicals; wash-fast; and evenly and consistently applied. Finishes also need to be financially feasible and environmentally friendly.  Leathers, silks, natural fibres, synthetics.
Business side: eliminate the middle-man. No sweatshop workers, fair pay workers. Better conditions for workers.
Advertising: web, print. word of mouth.

References: To convey a sense of heritage longevity, imagery from vin

Personality: humble. modest about it's own talents. no pressure to conform but doesn't scream individuality or difference for the sake of being different. It is balanced and suitable. It has attention to detail, conceptual undertones, self-aware and is commanding because of it.

Analyse and explore personal brand.

What kinds of design are you interested in pursuing and why? Womenswear and menswear. Initially womenswear with plans to move into menswear to potentially develop it in equal parts. Why? There is much scope for design in both mens and womenswear. It will become a fully fledged brand but grown organically. Perhaps will show at runways but prefer to develop it outside the public sphere. Want to look to brands like Country Road or Antipodium which was built on their current customer base, clothes which addressed the needs of their target market and clever marketing. 

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