Label breakdown

Target Audience: What kind of clients/customers do you wish to appeal to?

 Female 24 years old. Cultured creatives, intellectual, interested in art, society and history. Enjoys art gallery visits, creativity. Has a stable job, interested in clothing which will make her stand out as an individual, can be corporate but largely for casual wear for artists and designers. Works in a fairly relaxed environment.  High-end using quality fabrics and sustainable practices. 

What Problems does you business help them to solve? Then need for creative, eco-conscious garments of superior quality in fabrics and make. Elegant, stylish intellectual creative garments. Ready to Wear, feminine. In the contemporary scope of cheapening fabrics and bad fit, this label is affordable yet committed to quality. 

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a designer?
-bad a PR or personal promotion.
-can't consistently push for original ground breaking ideas all the time, but I can play off other people's ideas and work off that.
-time management
-overloading with too much.. getting too excited, it clouds the clarity of content.

Good at making things commercially viable
pin pointing what will sell and marketing
sourcing fabrics or human resources
illustration, visual presentations
team work
colour in garment design
different point of view, unusual taste. 

What appeals to you visually as a designer? See post' 'words and objects describing essence of label' 
-create a mood board of sorts that conveys your individual style.

Envision what kind of space you would ideally like to work within? See post 'Space envisioned'

What are you design principles? Create at least 5 values that are inherent to your design practice, similar to a manifesto
Company values and characteristics of the products which add value.
-forward thinking, directional (taking inspiration from architecture, artists, designers, graphics, history, philosophy, culture and society). It is surprising, creative and engaging. Conceptual and intelligent.
-compassionate (for environment, freedom and openness, design). Label is self-reflexive (like art movements surrealistic, dada, modernist, abstract expressionism), socially aware.
-intimate, personal (extension of the self) yet minimalist and authoritative. 
-honest, modest and sustainable. NOT fast fashion. Transparent, austere, modest. Draws reference to Adolf Loos' modernist architecture, unadorned and essential. 
-skilled artistry. effortless and logical design. Focus shifts from ornament to a consideration of lines, shades, proportions which underpins garment design values. 

Words and phrases that appeal to them: 
Kant, aesthetics, philosophy
”Type lends body and voice to mute thought”, a quote by Friedrich von Schiller (1759–1805)
Kant argues that such aesthetic judgments (or ‘judgments of taste’) must have four key distinguishing features. First, they are disinterested, meaning that we take pleasure in something because we judge it beautiful, rather than judging it beautiful because we find it pleasurable. 
-All fashion is disinterested pleasure.
-minimalist philosophy
-architecture, graphic design, 

Object references
bikes, old vintage
modernity (reverential)
minimalist (not as style, but necessary)
white walls
le corbusier, tadao ando, 
maps, instructions for assembly, architectural plans, small text, thin typography
wool, leather, metal


To hand-in:
Positioning statement, why you are making certain choices, three logos. 

3-5 benefits for your customers:
-refined quality in fabrics and cut. (cashmeres, silks)
-prestige/intellectual niche
-contemporary yet references the past. modern. 

Country Road
Sass and Bide
Material By Product
Toni Mattisevski 
Scanlan and Theodore
Ruby Smallbone
Therese Rawsthorne
Max Mara
Yeojin Bae

Vanessa Bruno

How I will stand out amongst them:
-a strong brand identity based on conceptual and intelligent design.
-label inspirations is personal to me and different to what's current in the market. Close ties between fashion and architecture. The different is this label will be exclusive yet very commercial.
-selling point is great range of fabrics and individual design aesthetic.
-Intimacy, personal service and clever marketing
-covetable items which takes inspiration from social movements. Locates the zeitgeist amongst creatives (this is key, label philosophy of 20/80. 20% work or labour/material costs and 80% return. Keeps its profitable and sustainable).

Inspires towards:
Comme des Garcon
Maison Martin Margiela
Helmut Lang
Nick Knight
Ralph Rucci
Anne Valarie Hash

What differs the label from the competition?
-infuses local Australian style, 
- quality 
-affordable prices
-intellectual, minimalist, refined

Label NAMES: cellar, nook. blanks, covet, oeuvre, akin, N.U. I, ennui (disinterested), enoki (mushroom), Christine Pan, Hensonís, skin, concrete, cement, wood, step, aaskin, afold, surface, light wall, adage, asai, alpha state, acai, ari, aris, carnets [(Fr. notebook) i.e the carnets of camus/le corb.]

The label name:

Can the proposed name be pronounced easily?
Does it read quickly and clearly?
Can you say it and others understand it, without having to spell it?
Is it spelled as it sounds?
Is it short? Experts recommend that a business name have eleven
or less letters and four syllables maximum.
Does it contain negative internal words?
Is it unique and sensory? These two traits make words memorable.
Does it spark interest? Is there a story behind it?
Does it represent who you are? Is it authentic?
Does it express or imply a desirable message?
Can your employees say it proudly?


Visual Quickstart Guide Illustrator CS4,
Sandy Cohen, Peachpit Press 2008

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